British Council x Ukrainian Fashion Week Business Planning & Sales Strategy Workshops


In June 2016 the British Council invited The Bridge Co. to lead a week-long workshop on business planning, pricing and sales strategy as part of its Fashion DNA business support programme with 8 of Ukraine's most promising designer brands.

In 2016 the British Council and Ukrainian Fashion Week invited The Bridge Co. to run a phase of its Fashion DNA: Ukraine programme, a business support initiative for 8 selected emerging designers. The programme comprised an intensive market entry workshop, followed by a creative retail collaboration in which designers created shop windows at selected fashion stores in Kiev during the October edition of Ukrainian Fashion Week.

The project came about due to the gap between stockists and designers in Ukraine whereby few designers pick up wholesale orders in the local market. While many domestic customers are opting to buy Ukrainian designers, stores are hesitant to stock these emerging labels, or offer only to do so on a sale-or-return basis, a risky investment for a young brand.

Yulia Yefimtchuk+ Autumn/Winter 2016

We worked closely with designers Ivan Frolov, Yulia Yefimtchuk, Jean Gritsfeldt, Ostel, Artem Klimchuk, Yana Chervinska, Lara Quint, and Dzhus to address product development, range planning, costing and pricing, supply chain and sales strategy issues.

The underlying intent of the workshops was to provide much-needed support to Kiev's top designer brands in the form of sales mentoring and strategy, so that they might approach this burgeoning market more equipped and with a clearer understanding of the opportunity ahead of them.